When are we free again?

In the middle, and on the edge and outside and inside, of a terrible economic explosion appears the bat, which is true that it exists, that it is not a joke, that we have to stay at home, that it kills us, that everything that the means during the last 15 days until generating a terror of not being able to look next to or speak to him; Denounce him if we hear him laugh and fuck him if we listen to his door handle.

In the meantime, we wonder why the house arrest, when some with the finger stopped still order us what we have to do and in reality they have no idea what they are going to do with what happens to us.

Suspicions, vaccines, antidotes, waiting and quarantine. No one complains, no one talks and we feel happy if we get a pass to go to the bathroom and the quarantine is extended and the classes do not start and we all comply, because we have to comply.

This is real, because if we don’t take care of ourselves we die. What I do not understand is that there is a part of the wealthy country that obtained the safe-conduct and another large part of the poor country that does not need it since it has no home, no bed, and no sanitary services to take refuge.

Meanwhile the miserable political speculations lead us to believe that the applause of nine o’clock is for the national hero, the son of Néstor and Raúl, lead us to imprint in our brains that there is a big brother who watches over us, and who says that we going to save, that he has taken to the streets some battered armed forces that were systematically responsible for insulting us for years so that in some redoubt of our conscience we remember the cursed dictatorship and recover the fear that we are so late in losing.

Again the document in hand, again the “they let me pass”, again the suspicion towards the one next door, all covered by a protectionist discourse of national unity that closes the crack And let’s forget about the systematic choreos of the last 20 years.

The bad thing is that in the anguish of the inside, the only thing that worries us is when we can be free again, go outside, eat with our family, hug a friend; ambitions were already relegated to a chinstrap and a little gel alcohol.

In journalism the phrase “Cristina is not touched” was revived, and censorship flies alongside the bat, and what until yesterday was a gang of criminals today has become Noah leading us in the ark to the promised land.

I hope that when the bat leaves we are not left dead while being victims of censorship and having to behave well so as not to be punished and achieve the safe conduct, because perhaps when all this happens they will have destroyed us so much that we will ask ourselves what sense does it have to have survived if we lost our freedom again.

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