Ginés González García said that “the peak is running for May”

The minister announced that on Sunday the expert committee will meet with the Executive Power to analyze the extension of the quarantine

Four days after the end of the quarantine total decreed by the Government as the first measure to prevent the massive contagion of coronavirus, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Ginés González García, announced that on Sunday the committee of experts will meet with national authorities, to assess the continuity of compulsory isolation throughout the national territory.

In addition, the minister affirmed that “the Argentine model is being talked about in the world” due to the measures adopted in the face of the pandemic and assured that “the peak is running for May.”

“Today the world is talking about the Argentine model because of the measures that were implemented from the beginning, and I think the president’s decision has been clear, to give priority to health, later we will see how we can recover the economy,” said the head of the health portfolio in dialogue. with the program “Saturday very early” on radio Miter.

Regarding the estimates of the results of the quarantine, González García said that “they are that, only estimates” and that you have to “see the day to day. If I say that there are fewer cases than we expected, it is because I think the peak is going away running for May and we hope it’s not abrupt. ” And he added: “The moment of the peak is being extended, and that is important to achieve the flattening of the contagion curve,” the minister reiterated.

On the other hand, the minister referred to the tests done with the treatment of the French infectologist at the Posadas Hospital. Ginés remarked that it is “hydrochloroquine, but there is no casuistry in the Posadas to say that it works. Among what we have seen from other countries and scientific societies, this drug is listed and we are using it.”

And he added: “We do not deny any evidence, the drug is available in Argentina and we have bought a lot and we have received a large donation from a company, but this requires a scientific method; when it is used, tests must be carried out, which is what is going to do Argentina at the request of the WHO. What is said and seems to be, is that antiretrovirals could work. “

The head of the health area, who was in favor of extending the quarantine that was originally scheduled to end on April 1, confirmed that on Sunday the expert committee will meet with national authorities to assess the continuity of mandatory preventive isolation.

The Minister of Health also referred to the types of tests: “There are two types of tests: one is the PCR, which today was expanded and decentralized, which works on the virus and as soon as it is detected in the body; and another quick test that really does not work on the virus but on globulin and that it takes five or six days. “

Finally, the head of the Health portfolio was asked about the position of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and sentenced: “It is the same thing that the Lieutenant Governor of Texas said that there are always people killed in a war. I am not going to comment on the decision of the president of Brazil, but we have another concept. This is one of the reasons why we have closed the border. “

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