Coronavirus in Argentina | “Contagion here is very easy,” said the owner of the San Martín nursing home.

“Contagion here is very easy”, said the owner of the San Martín geriatric in which there were five deaths and 19 infections from coronavirus. Jonathan indicated at the door of the establishment that “the situation is under control” and that he always complied with the protocol established for COVID-19 cases.

Justice investigates the geriatric El Amanecer in Villa Lynch from the complaint for the first death, which occurred on April 21. The presentation was made by the granddaughter of Elsa Gómez, who was staying in that residence and died of coronavirus.

The owner of the nursing home said that “it is very easy” for a contagion to take place in the establishment and that with all the care taken to avoid the possibility of infection, “an error can happen in a second.”

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