REinnova is born: “podcast” for the reinvention of business

The acceleration of changes and the disruption of the pandemic is causing an unprecedented challenge in the economy and in the lives of companies. In this context, REinnova, a podcast on the world of business and innovation, a co-production of The voice and the School of Innovation, a consulting firm made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals with experience in innovation processes.

The podcast It is presented as a space to learn how to create new businesses in this era, demystifying ideals, reviewing methods, processes and tools, and from the practical experience of world leaders.

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The hosts They are Daniel Alonso, editor of Economy and Business of La Voz and Hernán Virgolini, CEO of the School of Innovation. Episode by episode, both will chat with specialists to learn from their experiences and be able to generate a community that is encouraged to “do, make mistakes and create”, in the words of their creators.

The production team is completed by Andrés Blanco (coordinator of Audience and Audiovisual of La Voz), Juan Cruz De Rossi (also a member of the area) Alan Porcel (Digital Platforms) and Sebastián Lazcano (head of Marketing and Digital Marketing of the newspaper).

In the first episode, which can already be heard on Spotify, or any app of podcasts, the guest was Luciano Nícora, vice president of Endeavor and an inescapable reference every time entrepreneurship is talked about in Córdoba and Argentina, and even more so now, in his new role as investor.

This series of podcasts has Universo Net as main sponsor. The company, an internet provider, decided to bet on this growing format several years ago worldwide and with strong momentum in Argentina.

Recent reports from consultancy Kantar Ibope show that a good number of radio listeners also consume podcasts, with audiences that interact in new consumption habits.

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