Today’s horoscope, Friday, May 15, 2020


Day with some dispersion. Arians try to focus on each task they must do. Sleeping well is a necessity, we know that fatigue is cumulative and that little by little it can generate distraction among other things.

Moment: the color blue.


The somewhat irritable bullfighting should today try not to give way to this uncomfortable sensation that can cause friction problems with the environment in general. Love with certain shaken airs too. Look out the window looking for the sun.

Moment: reddish in color.


Those ruled by the great Mercury, today will have a day with much intellectual illumination that will make them shine. Good day to declare the feelings to the people they love, they are times to manage from love. Possibility.

Moment: golden color.


Cancerians with a high probability of producing interesting results in projects or ventures for their working lives. Find the right time to raise your feelings and your requirements, do not be homesick.

Moment: butter colored.


Leoninos in a day very suitable for everything that involves important discussions in the area of ​​activities. They project and combine with great satisfaction together with people with the same concern, giving the feeling of not being at a distance. Joys.

Moment: turquoise color.


Virginians apt to touch somewhat deep themes in families. They will be well regarded even to make proposals that help them all. Try to match sensations, remove anxiety and gray eyes. Protection.

Moment: orange in color.


Without having to worry too much, there could be some paper issues. Make the corresponding calls. Seek to express yourself sincerely and without fear, the truth is always better and said from simplicity above all. Fearing is not the option.

Moment: colored embroidered.


Well-planned day. They manage to show and demonstrate their talents with total tranquility by sending their works. Hope. The heart of the passionate scorpions opening the range of possibilities to be able to live and coexist better.

Moment: butter colored.


Day for procedures from home that will go optimally, especially those awaiting important news. Do not imagine things that are not, being in a relationship implies trust, of not having it, the idea is to follow or choose another course that is not today.

Moment: jet color.


Variety of emotional intensity on this day with some setbacks in the area of ​​activities. They will test the Capricorn rational capacity, natural ingenuity of these sublime natives. Love with support and affection, look for the most important things at home.

Moment: Mahogany color.


Disgruntled field in the area of ​​activities. Know that we cannot always agree on everything, but that we can reconcile and put the best of each other to agree on solutions. Expected love and relieving tensions.

Moment: dark green.


Pisces the order of the day the events of this day with quite a feeling of being nervous. Balancing yourself is always the best option in the face of life’s vicissitudes. Nothing bad or hopeless happens. Always face the tranquility.

Moment: faint yellow.

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