LATAM has special FLIGHTS to return passengers

The airline claimed that passengers are being progressively contacted to coordinate their returns. This includes Argentine citizens

The airline Latam will begin to implement special flights to bring back passengers who have been stranded unable to return to their countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, including those who traveled from Argentina.

“Due to the closing of borders in some countries where the company operates, Latam Airlines Group S.A. has launched a program to bring back passengers who are prevented from returning to their homes,” the company said in a statement.

He adds that “to date, there are already more than 500 people who have returned, thanks to a coordinated effort with the authorities of different countries who have granted permits to land and take off these special flights.”

We are doing everything possible to help passengers, who have been unable to return to their homes, to do so as soon as possible.. For this we will have special flights that we will communicate in a timely manner, “said Roberto Alvo, commercial vice president of Latam Airlines Group.

They also indicated that “passengers are being progressively contacted to coordinate their returns”, and that “in the case of passengers who have tickets on other airlines, they may request these companies to endorse their tickets to Latam, who will transport them in the extent of seat availability. “

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