Coronavirus: As of today, train and subway service is limited and only stop at some stations

By the spread of coronavirus, the train service in the metropolitan area suffered changes, specifically, in the Sarmiento, San Martín, Roca, Miter and Belgrano Sur lines. Likewise, the subway of the City of Buenos Aires is limited and all its lines stop at the headwaters and at the stations that allow combinations to be made.

Argentine Trains Operations He announced on Wednesday that those five railway lines stop at specific stops. The new operating schedule was launched from midnight on Thursday, March 19 and will be in effect until March 31, inclusive.

Here is the new outline in detail.

The Once-Moreno service works by stopping only in the Once, Liniers, Morón, Merlo and Moreno stations.

The Retiro – Pilar service stops only at Retiro, Palermo, Sáenz Peña, Caseros, Hurlingham, José C. Paz and Pilar stations.

It only stops at the following stations according to its branch.

Alejandro Korn branch line: stops at Constitución, Temperley, Longchamps, Glew, Guernica and A. Korn stations.

Ezeiza branch: Constitución, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Temperley, Llavallol, Monte Grande and Ezeiza.

Branch line La Plata: Constitución, Berazategui, Plátanos, Hudson, Villa Elisa and La Plata.

Forest branch via Quilmes: Constitución, Quilmes, Ezpeleta, Berazategui, Ranelagh and Bosques.

Forest branch via Temperley: Constitución, Lomas de Zamora, Claypole, Ardigó, Florencio Varela and Bosques.

It did not undergo modifications at the stops of the branches Sáenz – G. Catán and Sáenz – Marinos.

Ramal Tigre: seasons Retiro, Rivadavia, Martínez, San Isidro, Victoria, Carupá and Tigre.

Branch José León Suárez: Retirement, Minister Carranza, General Urquiza, San Martín, Villa Ballester and José León Suárez.

Bartholomew Miter Branch: Retirement, Minister Carranza, Coghlan, Saavedra, Juan B. Justo, Florida, Cetrángolo and Bartolomé Miter.

The Minister of Transport, Mario Meoni, had announced that from Friday, passengers stopped in buses and trains will not be able to travel. “They are only going to be able to sit down and we are going to do a very tight control so that this is accomplished,” said the official at a press conference held at Casa Rosada. The Buenosairean government informed as well that users will not be able to do it on subways.

Here, the detail of the subway stations that remain open:

– Line A (Peru-San Pedrito): Peru, Lima, Plaza Miserere, Primera Junta, San José de Flores and San Pedrito (Plaza de Mayo closed for works)

– Line B (Leandro N. Alem-Juan Manuel de Rosas): Leandro N. Alem, Carlos Pellegrini, Pueyrredón, Medrano, Federico Lacroze and Juan Manuel de Rosas.

– Line C (Constitución-Retiro): Retiro, Diagonal Norte, Av. De Mayo, Independencia and Constitución.

– Line D (Cathedral-Congress of Tucumán): Cathedral, July 9, Faculty of Medicine, Pueyrredón, Palermo, Minister Carranza / Miguel Abuelo, Oath and Congress of Tucumán.

– Line E (Retiro-Plaza de los Virreyes): Retiro, Correo Central, Bolívar, Independencia, Jujuy, Av. La Plata and Plaza de los Virreyes.

– Line H (Faculty of Law / Julieta Lanteri-Hospitals): Faculty of Law, Santa Fe / Carlos Jauregui, Corrientes, Once / December 30, Humberto 1º, Caseros y Hospitales.

We need people not to travel if it is not essential. Those who have to go to work yes, that’s why we keep public transport open. People who have to get to work, but reducing it to a minimum for those who are not essential. The less people travel, the better, ”said the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Rodríguez Larreta schedule, by accounting for the new ordinances.

The measures seek to discourage large concentrations of people. They also add to another announced restriction for long distance travel and domestic flights, which will be directly prohibited between Friday and Wednesday.

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