Coronavirus and isolation: what about the causes of gender violence

In the face of the pandemic, the Government’s recommendation is stay at home to contain the spread of disease. However, social isolation can increase the risk of experiencing aggression in the case of women who suffer gender violence, and that they are forced to share the space of the home with their attackers. In addition, given the declaration of a health emergency in the country, victims have more obstacles to carry out the procedures that enable them to access protection measures.

“The situations of forced social isolation can lead to an increase in cases of gender-based violence,” reported the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity through Twitter.

Therefore, from the portfolio they recalled that the line 144 responds “24 hours, 365 days a year” to provide “containment, information and advice in situations of gender-based violence.”

“We are expanding attention in case there are more calls for the longer time of coexistence due to the measures adopted by the health crisis,” he told the agency. Telam Josefina Kelly, Secretary for Policies Against Violence for Gender Reasons. In addition, he recalled that they can use the 144 app, download it on their phones or write an email to “Too we appeal to solidarity more than ever, since not only the victim can call 144, but also witnesses to this situation if she cannot do it, “he stressed.

On the other hand, from the Office of the Ombudsman of the Nation they are concerned about active causes and asked the Judiciary to establish an automatic extension of the protection measures they expire in the next few days.

“Women have more obstacles to access these measures, because the services of attention to the public and courts are restricted, “he explained to TN Raquel Asensio, coordinator of gender issues of the Ombudsman.

In this sense, he asked that in the face of the health emergency, women should not be exposed “to be visiting different offices to manage an extension of protection measures.”

“The judges have the tools to dictate an automatic extension of all measures that they will last as long as this recommendation of social isolation continues, “added Asensio, who stressed that this has not yet been defined, but that it is a request from the Ombudsman.

From the Office of Domestic Violence of the Supreme Court of Justice they explained that “they continue to attend 24 hours with reduced staff because it is affected by preventive measures, but the place is open and a hall was set up next to it, in the Civil Chamber, to respect social distance. ”

The different statistics on femicides circulating in Argentina show that, for women at risk of violence, the home is the most dangerous place. In addition to the Court, in 2019 the Ombudsman’s Office registered 327 femicides, of which 87% were at the victim’s home.

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