“It is not a pandemic, it is an epidemic that we are controlling” Peru

The Minister of Health, Patricia García, arrived in Piura together with the President of the Republic, Pedro Pablo Kuszynski, and declared to the press regarding the dengue situation in the country.

So far, 17 people have asked for life in the Piura region, the most affected by this disease, while 2,675 cases have been confirmed according to the Ministry of Health. The last two fatalities were two young mothers.

García pointed out to the press after being consulted about a possible pandemic that this is a technical term that is applied when the disease spreads in the country or the world, and that rather in this case we can speak of an epidemic that is being controlled.

“This is not a pandemic,” he said, “this is an epidemic that we are already controlling (…) I already showed you the numbers, they start to go down. Obviously if people start not to let it fumigate or start collecting This could rise again, “he said. In that sense, he asked that people help by changing attitudes that involve risks.

The minister also said that the areas most affected by dengue disease are the districts of Piura, Castilla, Catacaos and Chulucanas. Tweets by Sociedad_ECpe

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