A disabled student was assaulted in the school bathroom and a classmate filmed the scene.

The video went viral in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos. It looks like a 14-year-old boy who has a maturational delay is beaten by a group of three schoolmates. Everything happens in the bathroom of the institution. The father denounces that the authorities first communicated with the relatives of the beaters and that they did not implement any protocol to help his son.

In the images, Mateo Pereyra is cornered against a wall while a partner threatens him. There are two other students on site and one of them films the entire scene. The attackers laugh and then you take the initiative and begins to hit Mateo, who covers himself with his arms. Meanwhile, the others harangue.

“It hits him in the head. If it had hit him more, the story would have been more serious, “says Cristian Pereyra, the father of the teenager, TN and The People. “The colleague knows about Mateo’s accident and did not mind hitting him on the head, you can see the degree of evil there,” he adds.

Mateo is 14 years old and is in his fourth year at the Instituto San Vicente de Paul (Photo: Gentileza)

Five years ago, Mateo had an accident. He had trauma to the skull with burst neurons. He had to relearn how to walk and speak. “He has a slight delay and in turn a visual impairment“Cristian says, and assures that his son” is a charming boy, not aggressive. “

The attack occurred last Thursday in the bathroom of the San Vicente de Paul Institute in Concepción del Uruguay, but Cristian only found out about the fact this Wednesday, because a co-worker showed him the video, which it had already gone viral in the city.

Cristian says: “When I left work I went to school and I had to wait more than an hour. I was received by the attorney Daniel Leturia with a legal adviser and a psychologist. They made me feel like Mateo was not the victim. They minimized the fact and they said they couldn’t give me any solution, that we had to wait ”.

Cristian and Mateo Pereyra (Photo: Gentileza)
Cristian and Mateo Pereyra (Photo: Gentileza)

He also learned that the parents of the assailants had been contacted before him and that Mateo had told the school psychologist that he did not want to go any more. “The school was aware of the fact and they did not notify us. They prioritized to call the parents of the aggressors before giving us knowledge or containing my son who is the victim. The last one to find out is me, ”says the man, who is a provincial police officer, indignant.

Mateo with his mother Yanina, and his brothers Nahuel (23) and Fiorella (18) (Photo: Gentileza)
Mateo with his mother Yanina, and his brothers Nahuel (23) and Fiorella (18) (Photo: Gentileza)

About the parents of Mateo’s companions, he says: “They were not in solidarity with me, at least a call, that says ‘we make ourselves available’. They hid everything, that’s how it happens and it continues to happen and it will continue to happen ”.

He also detailed the steps to follow: “Like Dad I’m not thinking of revenge or anything like that because it is not from God. But I don’t want this to happen again. I’m going to talk to suitable people on the subject to see how a solution can be found. ”“ For Mateo, I’m going to try to seek psychological assistance. I’m worried what’s going through your head. I do not know what happens to society but we are going badly ”, he closes.

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