Walmart will not send anyone home, for coronavirus will hire 150,000 employees

The company promised that it would dedicate $ 500 million to pay bonuses to employees working during the pandemic. The reasons

There is a clear dividing line between companies, regarding their productive position due to the coronavirus. There are those that, either through the home office or through home deliveries, have been able to keep operating despite the restrictions. Others were only able to stop their activities, since their businesses are neither vital nor can they use remote techniques. But there are a small number of brands that are actually working with even more encouragement than before.

Among them are many retail chains, especially those that already have a large logistics system in place to deliver products to their homes. Because consumers are locked up in their homes by the coronavirus, they are relaying to those brands for the most basic purchases from their homes. Given the sudden increase in orders, the companies have been unable to cope with their conventional structure and have had to increase their pace.

Just as Amazon did a couple of days ago, according to The Verge Walmart also wants to hire 150,000 additional employees. This, with the aim of being able to deal with the increased demand from consumers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Part of this new workforce is expected to only be needed until the end of May, when the situation could stabilize. With more staff, you could clean and reorder your stores faster.

Walmart, Amazon and other retail companies are in a unique position to face the pandemic. For example, Cemex had to announce that it will stop operations in the Philippines due to the coronavirus. In Spain, the authorities have asked hotels to close their businesses to avoid contagion. Within Mexico City (CDMX), all administrative procedures will be suspended for one month. Even Aeroméxico will stop offering service on multiple national and global routes.

To start with, one might believe that Amazon and Walmart, as well as other retailers in this position, are benefiting from the coronavirus. In the end, consumption in their stores is higher than ever, it is not expected to decrease in the short term and income must be through the roof. But the truth is that, due to the nature of the pandemic, it is almost certain that all operating costs are increasing, by paying bonuses to employees who agree to be.

And it is that these employees are at a serious risk of contracting the coronavirus. A report by The Verge even shows that some of them have only resigned themselves to getting sick sooner or later, with no choice but to keep working to bring bread to the table. For now, Amazon and Wamart may seem the most benefited from the pandemic. However, over the months and as your workforce falls ill, your situation will be the least enviable.

The dilemma of getting sick or not eating

Unfortunately, Amazon and Walmart workers aren’t the only ones who will be forced to make a difficult decision with the coronavirus. Alsea, for example, announced a few hours ago that it was going to give its collaborators two options. They could take a month’s vacation, but without pay, to protect their health. However, those who would like to receive their money would have to accept the inherent risk of becoming ill from this pathogen.

And similar cases are emerging around the world. According to Kiro7, many cases of local coronavirus in the United States (USA) were caused by sick workers who did not want (or could) miss their companies. However, according to information from the Washington Post, some regulations have begun to be passed to give sick days paid by law. But, in Business Insider figures, this could ruin many small businesses.

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