Quarantine | The Minister of Security: “The state of siege is not ruled out”

The Minister of Security of the Nation, Sabina Frederic, warned that “do not rule out” declaring a state of siege to ensure that social isolation is met preventive and mandatory for the coronavirus in Argentina.

The state of siege is not ruled out. It is as a possibility and it was analyzed, but for now the government chose to wait “Said this Saturday the official in dialogue with rGoodbye The Network.

Frederic assured that “compliance with quarantine It was quite massive but more is needed. “ The official supervised this Saturday, along with Governor Axel Kicillof and the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the vehicle controls carried out by the security forces on the Pueyrredón Bridge and said that, starting this Saturday, the surveillance “will More strict”.

The minister stated that the National Government does not rule out imposing a “state of siege” if people don’t comply with mandatory isolation. “It is as a possibility and it was analyzed, but for now the government does not believe that it is necessary. It will depend on the compliance that we all make,” he said. “It is an extreme measure that we are avoiding reaching,” he added.

Frederic recalled that the state of siege is the one “suspends constitutional guarantees and free movement”, reason why he called again on society to obey the decree without actually establishing that measure.

“The vast majority understood the gravity of the situation and the importance of carrying out these preventive actions, “said the official, pointing out” the small portion of the population that believes they are immune and that their life is not tied to that of others. “

Frederic anticipated that, starting this weekend, controls will be stricter. “All those who are on the street without justification will have a criminal complaint even if they do not end up in detention,” he said.

“What is important is that people stay at home. You have to prepare so that it can last longer knowing that if we do it well we will leave quickly. It will depend on what we all do so that it does not spread further, “he said.

The Minister recalled that you can call the 134 to make pandemic-related complaints and mandatory quarantine. Finally, he spoke of the situation in prisons: “It is worrying, that is why we are processing bracelets for house arrests.”

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