The vice president of Brazil remains isolated after the negative of his COVID-19 exam

The vice president of Brazil, Hamilton Mourao. EFE / Joédson Alves / Archive
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Brasilia, May 17 (EFE) .- The vice president of Brazil, Hamilton Mourao, decided to remain isolated, as a preventive measure, despite the examination he underwent to determine if he had contracted COVID-19 after being in contact with an official infected was negative, official sources reported this Sunday.
Mourao, a general of the Brazilian Army reserve, has been isolated since Saturday with his wife, Paulo Mourao, in the Jaburú Palace, the official residence of the Brazilian Vice-presidency, after learning that he had contacted an official next to the one diagnosed with COVID-19.
The examinations that both the vice president and his wife underwent showed that neither of them contracted the disease, but Mourao opted to remain isolated at least until the disclosure of the test’s counter-test, which is scheduled for Tuesday, he reported. the Vice Presidency in a statement.
Mourao “will only return to normal activities on Wednesday after the countertest exams so authorize,” according to the statement.
The vice president chose to isolate himself after “the positive result for COVID-19 of an official who was close to the vice president last Wednesday was confirmed.”
On Tuesday, in obedience to a judicial decision, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro disclosed the results of the three tests that were carried out to verify whether he contracted the disease on an official trip to the United States last March after at least half Your entourage will be infected.
The three tests, which the far-right leader refused to divulge and which was carried out using pseudonyms, were negative.
The disclosure of the results was demanded before the Justice by the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo under the allegation that, being the head of state, they have “public interest”, even though Bolsonaro argued that they were of an exclusive “private nature ”
The governor is one of the most skeptical rulers about the severity of the pandemic, he has come to describe COVIT-19 as a “flu” and alleges that 70% of Brazilians will contract the disease and that “many will die” for more than that the authorities adopt measures of social distancing.
With this conviction, Bolsonaro has repeatedly violated all the recommendations to avoid crowds and has censured the quarantines imposed by the regional and municipal governments.
Mourao’s decision to isolate himself coincided with the worsening of the pandemic in Brazil and came a day after the resignation of the Health Minister, Nelson Teich, due to his disagreements with Bolsonaro regarding the strategy to combat COVID-19.
Teich’s predecessor, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, a staunch advocate of social distancing measures, was removed last month for equal disagreements with Bolsonaro.
Brazil registered 14,919 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, bringing the total number of infected to 233,142 and the country rose to fourth place on the list of those most affected by the disease in the world, now above Spain and Italy .
The South American giant, with a population of 210 million people, accumulates 15,633 from the disease in just two months, making it the sixth country with the most victims.
Forecasts indicate that infections and deaths will continue to jump exponentially and that the peak will only occur in the coming weeks.

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