Tenants ask for rent payments to be suspended for six months

The president of the Federation of Tenants, Gervasio Muñoz, considered today as “very important” the sending by the Government of a project to Congress to freeze rental prices and suspend evictions, but he directly requested the cessation of those payments for six months.

“It is very important because after many years the State returns to intervene in access to housing,” Muñoz told FM La Patriada, despite which he remarked:? We are asking for the suspension of the eviction and the payment of rents because if not , the tensions are going to be very strong. “

He considered that “the ideal would be to have a segmented policy,” but acknowledged that “it is difficult because the real estate market is completely black.”

“We believe that we have to suspend the payment of the rent of houses and to be seeing how this situation happens”, affirmed Muñoz.

He indicated that “the housing situation today is very serious and there are many people who in April will not be able to pay,” and stressed that the “inconvenience” today is the impossibility of moving.

“No one can move, the transit of goods and people is prohibited. Whoever paid for another home, or the deposit, has to stay where they are, there are no more possibilities than that,” said the tenant representative.

He also made reference to family hotels, where “many quarantine evictions are taking place.”

In this sense, he warned that “if there is no suspension of rents, the $ 10,000 of the bond (emergency family income) will go to the owners of the family hotels,” which is why he insisted that “the payment of the rentals “.

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