Coronavirus | The young man who returned from the United States and went to a party of 15 infected 11 people

Eric Torales returned to Argentina on March 13 after a trip to the United States. A day earlier, President Alberto Fernández had established mandatory isolation for anyone who returns from a country affected by the coronavirus.

However, the 24-year-old youth disobeyed the Executive Power ordinance, He went to a party of 15 in Moreno without knowing that he was carrying Covid-19 and he infected 11 people.

As you could know from judicial sources, 15 other guests are under study. As a result of this situation, the municipality of Moreno denounced it: is charged and with house arrest. The Morón federal prosecutor, Santiago Marquevich, and federal judge Néstor Barral intervene in the case.

The young man could be charged with the crime of spreading to a contagious and dangerous disease for people. This medium could know that once the pandemic situation in Argentina is controlled, the young man must give an investigative statement.

In turn, judicial sources indicated that an embargo will be placed on him and that he will not be able to leave the domicile that he set in the city of Buenos Aires, except for medical controls.

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