Survey Calls Non-Meat Eaters “Terrorists”

The Argentine Beef Promotion Institute released a survey that investigates eating habits during the forties

The Institute for the Promotion of Argentine Beef (IPCVA) released this Thursday the results of a online survey in which, through more than 1,100 cases across the country, they analyzed consumption habits during the forties.

“The work explains what behavior we Argentines are having with the purchase of meat products, how the frequency of visits to points of sale is modified, the proportion of the market that begins to discover online shopping, the use of delivery, meats and the winning and losing meat cuts at this stage of quarantine, freezing habits and people’s perception of what can happen with their future purchase and consumption of meat, “they indicated from the entity.

The results of this investigation, which is derived from an online panel that carries out the IPCVA every two months with more than 1,100 representative cases from all over the country, “also show how the topics of interest in the social networks of the pure carnivores, the flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans of Argentina have changed “.

The survey, conducted between April 7 and 16, delved into issues such as food supplies during isolation; the level of availability in gondolas and shops and more specific questions about meat consumption, such as the channels most used to make the purchase, the types of beef cuts preferred and satisfaction levels with respect to quality.

However, The controversial point of the survey is linked to the way in which the types of consumers are segmented.

The IPCVA thus establishes four categories:

  • The “fanatic“, who is satisfied with beef, defends it and recommends its consumption.
  • The “mercenary“who is satisfied with this type of food but could stop consuming it and pass it on to others.
  • The “hostage“, who is not satisfied with beef, but consumes it because it is difficult for him to replace it with another food.
  • And finally the consumer arrives “terrorist“who is the one who is not satisfied with beef and replaces it with other foods.

According to the IPCVA, the “terrorists” represent 5% of the sample and are the minority, along with the “hostages”, that is, those who are not satisfied with meat but cannot find a substitute. On the other hand, the “fans” of bovine meats are at the top of the survey.

Following is the full report prepared by the IPCVA:

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