Shock in Salta: they assure that the Virgin of Guadalupe cried

A family that lives in the Paraje Las Garzas, Salta, assured that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe that they have in their house wept. And they say that the fact coincided with the announcement of the fourth positive case of coronavirus in the province.

The Virgin, about 40 centimeters, arrived at the Santos Tolaba house two years ago at the request of the granddaughter of the homeowners, and It is the first time that it manifests itself.

Grandfather Manuel was the first privileged witness to this fact, and to his amazement he called his son-in-law to take a photo of him. Little by little, the other members of the family joined. amazed they watched the virgin cry.

“This revelation of the Virgin of Guadalupe has meaning for our family, since it was the same day that we heard the news that in Salta there was a room infected with the coronavirus,” a member of the family told the newspaper. The Tribune.

Furthermore, the woman reflected on the COVID-19 pandemic and the moment his family lived: “It’s a messageAs a mother can understand it, she gave life and gives life to us in this delicate situation that the world is going through “.

The news spread quickly through Las Garzas Spot and the neighbors come to venerate it every day.

Written by Argentina News

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