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Peru reached 62nd place in the ranking Global Kids Rights Index 2017, which includes 165 countries and classifies them taking into account their performance in the protection of Children’s rights. In this edition of the study, carried out by the Kids Rights Foundation and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Holland), our country has risen 25 positions with respect to the position achieved in 2016 (87).

Among the different indicators that are measured, Peru improved in matters such as non-discrimination and child participation. According to the report, the Peruvian score increased due to the fact that the State has created spaces to promote integration, such as the Children’s Advisory Council and the National Commission against Discrimination, which works with minors in situations of marginalization.

The discrimination

Although there have been improvements in the field, the study warned that discrimination against indigenous, Afro-Peruvian or those living in rural areas is still worrying. He also drew attention to cases of discrimination against children living in poverty or with a physical disability.
He also showed a special concern about the access of this child population to education, medical care and other basic services.

It was stressed that the country lacks laws that expressly prohibit discrimination against children because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. “Discrimination is seriously hampering the opportunities of future generations [del Perú] to reach its full potential, ”said Marc Dullaert, president of the Kids Rights Foundation.

Towards the future

One of the recommendations presented to Peru is to ensure that professionals who work with children, the media and citizens are sensitized to the negative impact that stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes can generate.

Top of the list

The ranking It is led by Portugal. It is followed by Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Spain and France. In Latin America, it is headed by Uruguay.

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