Personal and Cablevisión add benefits to accompany clients and their families

The company provides more credit and mobile data. In addition, it opened the Fox Premium pack to all Flow, Cablevisión Digital and Cablevisión HD customers.

In the framework of the conversations that it has been maintaining with the Government, and to continue accompanying its clients and their families, Telecom announced benefits so that they can continue to communicate and connect.

Thus, the company allows them to access valuable information, and educational and entertainment content, through the services of Personal Y Cablevisión Flow.

Next, the detail of the benefits that are offered to the clients in the framework of the general quarantine.

Customer benefits Staff

More Gigas Available
For all customers with Subscription and / or Invoice, individuals and companies, we provide, for free, an additional 1 GB for a month so that they can continue to connect from their cell phone.

More prepaid credit
Also, when they need it, customers can access a $ 100 credit through the SOS Recharge service.

Points redemption benefits for Club Personal members
Members of Personal Club with Prepaid lines or Fixed Subscription will have exclusive benefits in exchange of points for credit of $ 200. And members with invoiced lines will have benefits in resetting the internet fee.

For clients abroad
For customers with subscription and / or invoice, Individuals and Companies, located in the most affected areas (USA, Europe, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia) will have free 1 GB so they can stay connected.

Unlimited WhatsApp
In addition, all customers with subscription and / or invoice plans, in Argentina or abroad, already have unlimited WhatsApp. And Prepaid customers can access the same benefit for 30 days depending on their top-ups.

Contents of and other .gov and sites without consuming data from the cell phone
The educational content and didactic tools of the Seguimos Educando program, intended to provide content for initial, primary and secondary levels, will not consume cell phone data.

More recreational content and games
For the little ones, also at leisure, the Personal Games subscription will be discounted until the end of the month and they will be able to access all the games they want from a catalog of more than 600 mobile games.

Benefits for Cablevisión Flow customers

Fox Premium Pack Opening
Cablevisión Digital, HD and Flow customers will be able to access all 7 FOX TV signals and all content on demand until April 1. In this way, they can have more than 1,900 additional hours of content and more than 60 series (Homeland, The Walking Dead, This is Us, Britannia, among others), which they can enjoy from any device (Cellular, Tablet, Computer or Smart TV).

Educational and recreational content for children and series for the whole family
Telecom made available a wide catalog of content for all its Cablevisión HD and Flow clients:

– +1,200 hours of content for the youngest (such as Disney, Nick, Cartoon, Discovery Kids, among others)
– +110 hours of educational programs and documentaries.
– +250 complete series to marathon at home.

Flow App for all Cablevisión customers

All Cablevisión customers can access Flow for free, downloading the app on any device (cell phone, tablet, computer or smart TV) and enjoy not only live channels, but also 13,000 hours of on-demand content (the best series, movies, documentaries, recitals, Esports tournaments, among others) and the possibility of renting premieres in a very simple way.

Online management: #noscuidamosentretodos

Telecom realizes that its clients can follow all the procedures for their Personal, Fibertel, Cablevisión Flow and Telecom Fibercorp services, through electronic channels, mobile applications and telephone lines.

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