Today’s horoscope, Friday March 27, 2020


Without new spirits, it seems that this day would be somewhat tiring for the energetic Arians. Allowing yourself not to always be at the top of your demand is not a bad thing. Review pending papers or paperwork and try to catch up.

Moment: cinnamon colored.


Try to find today to iron out those rough edges that are left for lack of dialogue with your coworkers. No matter the hierarchy, what matters is to pacify with your neighbor always. Love, somewhat passive, seeks to find them.

Moment: soft pink color.


The concrete thing would be to go to the door where you need to get answers. People are not always what we think, we must learn to separate what we imagine by trying to corroborate in reality the essence of the other. Encouraging news in the workplace.

Moment: Navy blue.


It is known that many times being able to face some situations costs a lot. Thinking that they are never going to send us more than we can bear should ease and ease the weight of human pain. Tranquility and strength.

Moment: pure white.


Take advantage of the day to make important calls, procedures of equal importance and to knock on doors. The moments granted by time are precious and we must always be aware of that. Reality and possibility.

Moment: bright yellow.


Work when we take it as the monotony that exhausts us, takes away enthusiasm and awareness of its importance. Giving it the connotation that working has should fill us with pride and thanks. Release.

Moment: golden color.


Libra and the resurgence of negative feelings. The good part is always found in situations, and that is what we must get used to being able to do. News that could end up raising the mood and hope to the optimum level.

Moment: Pure green in color.


Sinsabor in the labor area. Try not to join the negative train, because sometimes we cannot get off it as easily as we have. Good day to make decisions regarding physical activity.

Moment: lavender color.


The days seem to run, but what matters is not adding stress to that routine that affects us all. High expectations at meetings or job interviews. Learn to say no on the family level, an attitude that will serve everyone.

Moment: orange.


Perhaps the feeling of exhaustion is not just about sleeping poorly or poorly. Many times we lose energy because we do not give activities that fresh touch of feeling that we are doing what we have to do and that it is a good thing. Loosen up goats.

Moment: beach color.


The aguateros with all the power will show off their creativity and eagerness to demonstrate their capabilities. Do not stop taking exams, job interviews or have important dialogues for the future. Love, rejoicing and good feeling.

Moment: turquoise color.


New perspective for some Pisceans who are looking for new directions in activities. They manage to sympathize with new people that it is possible to be sealed in friendships. Finances with good organization and possibilities for growth.

Moment: sapphire.

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