McDonald’s, Burger King, Coca-Cola and Audi “change” to fight COVID-19

Last week Slovenian designer Jure Tovrljan gave an original twist to the logos of extraordinarily well-known brands such as Starbucks, Nike or MasterCard to adapt them to the new era of social distance imposed by COVID-19.

Well, it seems that inspired by the occurrence of Tovrljan, the fast food chain McDonald’s has also decided to adapt its iconic logo to the times of coronavirus.

In collaboration with DPZ & T agency, the Brazilian subsidiary of McDonald’s has decided to separate the emblematic yellow arches of its logo to encourage its clients to be cautious and to maintain the necessary social distance with their peers with the ultimate goal of preventing eventual contagion.

With the change in your logo McDonald’s it aspires that “being apart for a time we can be together forever”.


Although in the restaurants of the American multinational in the Ibero-American country, the McDonald’s logo remains unchanged, the “distanced” version of the company’s emblem is now visible on all the social networks of the hamburger chain in Brazil, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The metamorphosis into the McDonald’s logo has taken place shortly before the chain has decided to close the areas of its restaurants dedicated to dining rooms from this Monday on Brazilian soil.

McDonald’s is not the only brand that has implemented changes to its logo to urge its customers to maintain social distance. It is the case of Burger King, which in Argentina has reduced the opacity of the letters “k” and “g” in its logo to metamorphose into Burger In.


In Mexico Coke It has also chosen to increase kerning in its legendary typographic logo to urge people to keep their social distance under the motto “Today being apart is the best way to be together.”

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The German automotive brand has also modified its logo Audi, whose classic hoops are now more disaggregated from each other for the sake of the so popular social distance.


Date published: Mar 24, 2020

Written by Argentina News

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