Coronavirus: Argentines who continue to work so that we are safe at home

There will be time to drink that coffee that was pending in a bar. The time will come when we can hug and get together with friends. But now is the time to stay home, be patient, trust more people, and help others.

And this is what many Argentines do, those anonymous heroes who are still working so that we stay at home. They also have family, but they fulfill their obligations taking all the precautions.

Many users of TN and The People they discovered them and wanted to honor them.

Ana is a young policewoman and lives in Gualeguaychú with her family. His first day of work coincided with the quarantine, but despite this, he went out to do his duty and take care of all of us. Before leaving, she recorded a video with her children Karen and Amadeo asking people to stay at home, so she can take care of them again.

Xohanna teaches her children Baptist and Luli to say thank you. And the boys on their own initiative began to write and paint posters thanking the trash collectors your commitment to your neighbor. In this way, when they come to pick up the garbage at night, they come across these posters that hung on the door of their house to cheer them up and let them know that they are not alone.

Bautista and Luli preparing the posters for the garbage collectors: (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Others of the anonymous heroes who work in full quarantine are the employees of Edesur who provide a essential task in the middle of the pandemic. They continue to work with commitment and dedication on the electrical network assisting the neighbors. They also await a family in their homes who is also isolated but who understands the importance of commitment in your work.

Romina lives in La Pampa and in 2017 received from nurse. Currently she is not working in any health center, but she made herself available to anyone who needs her help. He offered his solidarity through Facebook to take pressure, for example, on people over 60, or for anyone who needs help.

At Artear, most journalists work remotelyThis is why the Multiplatform Content Center is practically empty. But there are many television producers who have to go to the channel to fulfill operational functions such as the videograph, the direction of cameras and the broadcasting of the news broadcasts. Together with them they also work cameramen, chroniclers and drivers who leave their homes and their families to comply with the inform service.

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