Kicillof intimidated an Awada firm to pay April’s salary

The clothing firm, whose plant is located in the town of Martínez, had been reported by the union to the Buenos Aires Ministry of Labor.

The Buenosairean administration of Axel Kicillof through its Ministry of Labor, in charge of Mara Ruiz Malec, intimidated the Cheeky company owned by Juliana Awada’s family to pay the April salary that it owes to its workers.

The clothing firm, whose plant is located in the town of Martínez, in the north of the suburbs, have a 24 hour deadline to disburse money to employees.

The company sent an internal communication where it saddles the workers who received the March payment and apologizes for not paying in April.

“In the month of March, when many companies did not pay their full salaries, we paid them and we feel very proud to have done it as we always did. We want to share a decision we made in order to cope better with this difficult situation. In the event that Anses does not complete the payment this week, the company will deposit an advance of 10,000 pesos on Friday, May 15, “apologize from Cheeky.

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Labor gave the firm 24 hours to pay the salary

840 workers

The company had been denounced by the union of garment cutters (UCI) before the Ministry of Labor of the province of Buenos Aires for non-payment of April salaries.

At a time when the protocol to be taken into account for the reopening of clothing stores is being discussed, the firm released a note to employees in which they warned of an alleged “advance” on account of the contributions of the national State.

“In case ANSES doesn’t make the payment this week, the company will deposit an advance of 10,000 pesos on Friday, May 15. Then we will define how and when the discount will be made, “said the company in an internal communication.

From Cheeky they were referring to the subsidies of the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP) that represent half of private wages for companies in crisis, and in which more than 400,000 signatures are already registered.

In this way, the textile company asked for state aid to pay the wages of its 840 workers, and also they had not yet paid their share.

The company is chaired by Daniel Awada, Juliana’s brother, Mauricio Macri’s wife. It is a firm that is the leader in its segment.

The company requested state aid to pay wages

The company requested state aid to pay wages

The union appeared before the Buenosairean Work portfolio after the legal term for the deposit of wages and pointed out that the situation was even more serious since it was one of the industries “with the highest degree of precariousness” and with “one of the most low within the national market. ”

In the complaint they state: “The Cheeky Sociedad Anónima is one of the companies with the highest turnover at the national level, with hundreds of stores and franchises not only throughout the country, but also in several neighboring countries.”

In addition to leaving April’s wages unpaid, the former first lady’s company deposited its workers “laughable sums that vary between 2,000 and 8,000 thousand pesos in the case of the most fortunate “, according to the file cited in Ámbito Financiero.

Another point that was emphasized was the lack of a suspension agreement such as the one established in a framework agreement between the Industrial Union and the CGT and after which other unions were held.

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