In the midst of a pandemic, they registered “coronavirus” as the name of a beer brand

The corresponding body agreed to initiate the process but may have “difficulties” and be delayed due to legal obstacles

The entire world joins forces and battles the coronavirus. Despite this, in some corners of the planet there are some who do business in these times of pandemic.

This is the case of Isaac Palafox Hernández, a Mexican businessman who decided to register the name “coronavirus” as a beer brand name with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

As reported by the Mexican press, this man is the president of the Regulatory Council for the Cultural Heritage of Real del Monte-Cornwall (in the state of Hidalgo, in the north of the country) and also owns the rights of “Tuzín”, a manufacturing brand of metal cylinders for liquefied gas.

Palafox Hernández began the process to have the exclusivity of the “coronavirus” rights on March 9. And he paid 2,813 Mexican pesos for it, which would be almost 8,000 Argentine pesos.

Although the registration of this businessman was accepted, the newspaper El Universal affirms that his initiative may have “difficulties” and may be delayed.

The reason? There is already a product with a similar name on the market: Corona beer, from Grupo Modelo, so there are certain restrictions in the face of possible confusion among consumers.

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