Peruvian DT Solano is detained for not complying with quarantine to stop coronavirus

LIMA, Mar 27 (Reuters) – Nolberto Solano, coach of the Peruvian U-20 soccer team and former player of the Argentine Boca Junior and the English Newcastle, was arrested for participating in a party in full curfew decreed in Peru to stop the coronavirus.

Peruvian media reported on Friday that Solano went to a neighbor’s house the night before and that the police arrived at the home to arrest the participants. Images of the arrest were broadcast by an entertainment program on the local television channel Andina.

Solano, 45, later admitted in an interview that she went out with her children to her neighbor’s house, hours before the start of the curfew – 2000 local time (0100 GMT) – but that it was not a party because “no there was noise. “

The ex-flyer was taken to the La Molina district police station in Lima and was later released, according to the press, from registering the complaint for violating the night curfew, which was extended until April 12.

“We were just a bunch of friends and we have been chatting there and then we heard that someone (from the neighbors) complained,” Solano told local radio station RPP. “I did not go out on a curfew. I have not held a meeting,” he said.

President Martín Vizcarra reported on Thursday that the police arrested 2,568 people on the last day for not complying with the rule, totaling more than 18,000 detainees during the quarantine.

Peru, with some 32 million inhabitants, has 580 confirmed cases of the disease, with nine killed by the virus.

(Report by Marco Aquino, Edited by Juana Casas)

Written by Argentina News

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