Coronavirus | Tucumán without quarantine: hundreds of people crowded into a supermarket

The message of the President of the Nation Alberto Fernández was clear: at midnight this Friday the total quarantine began to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But the tucumanos they did not respect the order and on the first day of isolation, a disturbing image could be seen: hundreds of people crowded into the door of a supermarket to do the shopping.

“People should stay in their houses and homes, and go out for what is necessary. They will continue to have open supermarkets, local businesses, pharmacies, hardware stores, but from midnight the security forces will be controlling whoever circulates through the streets, and whoever cannot explain it will be subject to the sanction provided by the Penal Code, ”said Fernández. Little of that happened in the Garden of the Republic.

The truth is that he began to see big, small and babies close to each other, without respecting the meter of distance between them. To make matters worse, there were screams and runs. They put themselves at risk and they did it with others, when the order from the Government is to take care of themselves and stay at home.

Guillermo Saccomani, president of the Tucumán Chamber of Supermarkets, asked the people of Tucuman caution and ensured that the supply is guaranteed. “At the moment the supply is guaranteed, but we ask people that is not going to be necessary“the businessman pointed out to The Tucumano.

This Thursday, the Minister of Health, Rossana Chahla confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the province. This is a 46-year-old woman who returned on March 8 from a family trip through Europe and was isolated in her home in Yerba Buena.

Chahla said that the woman infected with Covid-19, whose data it was decided to keep confidential, “is being controlled by a private institute.”

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