The judge on duty begged the security ministers to reinforce the controls to guarantee total quarantine: “They would not be giving the desired result”

Federal judge Luis Rodríguez, In charge of intervening in all the complaints entered by the security forces until March 31, he made an unprecedented and surprising decision on Friday night: he wrote a letter to the Minister of National Security, Sabina Frederic; and next to the city, Diego Santilli, to talk about the “deep concern”For the more than 200 complaints received in a single day for the violation of the quarantine and begged for the implementation of stricter measures. He recognized the “anguish” who lives with his collaborators in front of a scenario that “Never” I imagine

“I implore you to increase the strategies at your disposal and have adopted to try to control the circulation and traffic this day that culminates because the verified result shows a panorama that at least from the humble vision that I transmit to you it places us in a situation where we can hardly avoid the consequences that that decree was in charge of pointing out ”, wrote the judge, in the letter to which he agreed Infobae.

The measures implemented they would not be yielding the desired result, Rodríguez warned, speaking of “the exceptional reality that we have to face not only those who inhabit this blessed Argentine soil but also all those who inhabit other countries plagued by the scourge.”

It is the worst short sheet that we could have been given“, said to Infobae an official from Comodoro Py 2002. It was that what was recorded today devastated everyone: even the officials who had to go to the Retiro building saw how cars passed through the city without anyone asking for a DNI to find out why what were circulating. Or they watched the television channels showing how people jogged or took the dog out, while a bicycle a delivery man passed through the scene.

In Centennial Park people went down with the blanket to the grass to have a picnic. OR two girls, with minors, settled to drink mate in La Boca and the police stood up when they were asked to leave. Foreigners roamed the City but no one knew whether they should be quarantined or not. As the hotels did not receive people, a family that was not from Buenos Aires stayed with suitcases in Plaza San Martin because they had nowhere to go.

In between, the usual crimes. “Why the jets are always jets, they don’t stop because of the quarantine“The sources pointed out to this medium. It’s more: There were robberies of old men who had gone to the supermarket to steal what they had.

To this were added episodes such as that of Buquebus, with a young man who felt bad, and left 400 people isolated for fear of a massive contagion. Or about 13 people detained in a lodging hotel with prostitutes and drugs, knowing that these types of establishments had to be closed from dawn.

There was another drug procedure where the police did not get witnesses because people did not want to go down the street to avoid violating the quarantine. “This is a chaos”, they pointed out among judicial and police officials.

In this context, Judge Rodríguez sent two identical letters to the security ministers of the Federal Capital and of the Nation. “I have the honor to address you in my capacity as head of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court 9 of this City in order to transmit the deep concern that results from the implementation in the ejido of this city of the security measures in order to comply with the provisions established by the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández ”, against the social isolation plan following the pandemic declared for the planet by the World Health Organization “for the coronavirus, he began by saying.

The judge explained that he “founded” his appreciation for being on duty with all the security forces and as a result of the “flow of more than two hundred inquiries that have been evacuated at the fair -the ones that continue uninterruptedly as I write to you- regarding infractions of breaches by the citizens of the terms contained in that presidential decision. “

The measures implemented “They would not be throwing the result that is sought”, Rodríguez warned, speaking of “the exceptional reality that we have to face not only those who inhabit this blessed Argentine soil but also all those who inhabit other countries plagued by the scourge.”

“For this reasonPlease consider the possibility of intensifying the implementation of all measures. that are within their reach and can execute in light of the provisions of article 2 of the decree issued yesterday, for the sole purpose of instructing the chief of the City Police to increase and deepen the control tasks that are carried out on public roads, both in relation to passers-by and to drivers and occupants of vehicles with the unequivocal designation of establishing whether the dispensations established by the norm reach them and try to make society aware of the need for preventive healing, “said Rodríguez.

The danger of contagion remains for the virus whose propagation is sought to be avoided through authorized channels (be they legal, sanitary, or awareness) require from those of us who are dedicated to the exercise of public office, to strengthen the efforts that are within our reach to promote the good common and avoid the tragic consequences that are unleashed in other parts of the pandemic unleashed, which we observe daily through the news proclaiming the true tragedy that is seizing us and that, let me never tell you, I imagined that it could reach us with the entity that we are experimenting ”, he warned.

“With all due respect for your investiture, I considered it essential to address this letter to represent the Anguish in which I am immersed with my collaborators in light of the result of the implemented recommendations and the accumulation and quality of uninterrupted consultations to which the court has been subjected during the course of the day, which exceeded our capacity for wonder ”, it was stated.

The letter goes on to say: “PThat is why I implore you to increase the strategies available to you and have adopted to try to control circulation and traffic this day that ends, since the verified result shows a panorama that the least, from the humble vision that I transmit, places us in a situation in which we can hardly avoid the consequences that that decree was in charge of pointing out ”.

“In the understanding that he received this letter as mere collaboration to carry out the worthy task that he executes, since it is the only spirit that justifies his release, and wishing with the request to collaborate from the conviction that the result of the first day in that we were all subjected to the restrictions imposed to try to mitigate the scourge that threatens us, I take the opportunity to greet her with the attention she deserves, “he added.

Here the complete letters

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