Coronavirus | The applause of Villa Soldati residents to gendarmes for enforcing the quarantine

In the midst of the social, preventive and mandatory quarantine decreed by the Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the residents of Villa Soldati had a great gesture with a group of gendarmes who are responsible for ensuring that people comply with the isolation. In this case, and as every night from the buildings and houses, the effort of health workers in the face of the pandemic is recognized, they applauded them.

The sequence was recorded in a video filmed during the day, where you can see the uniformed people walking while around them the people, who mostly have chinstraps on, they begin to applaud spontaneously. In the filming, one of the gendarmes is heard saying: “Thank you very much.”

The gendarmes who were congratulated are part of the neighborhood prevention units that exist in the towns and carried out a patrol in the Esperanza neighborhood of Villa Soldati, with the aim of enforcing the provisions of President Alberto Fernández through a decree.

The recognition of the people is added to those that are carried out daily with health workers, who are exempt from the mandatory quarantine, given that their task is vital to attend to infected cases and try to stop the disease.

In the last days, some videos were also known on social networks where neighbors from different localities were shown to applaud garbage collectorsAnother group of workers who are exempt from the measure and who have to go out every day to carry out their work.


The Government confirmed on Friday that it will grant the one-time payment of $ 5000 pesos, to be paid in April, to all the forces under the Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Defense, in recognition of the tasks they carry out to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Among them is the National Gendarmerie.

“With the objective of taking measures that make effective compliance with social isolation, preventive and compulsory the importance of the role played by the personnel of the Federal Police and Security Forces has been demonstrated“For their part, the Armed Forces carry out collaborative work and logistical support that is essential when it comes to meeting the needs that arise in different parts of our country,” it was detailed in the letter.

“It is necessary to ensure that the personnel dedicated to these tasks, essential when collaborating in the mitigation and containment of virus circulation, is duly protected, complying with current health regulations, since every day they face challenges that may expose them to greater contact with COVID-19, “they completed.

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