He pretended to be a doctor to get his isolated wife out of the hotel

This Saturday, the suspect entered the lobby of the Hotel Buenos Aires, dressed in a light blue and a chinstrap, with the intention of “rescuing” the woman

A man was detained in the last hours for violating the social, preventive and compulsory isolation ordered by the national government, after posing as a doctor to be able to remove his wife, who was quarantining in a hotel in downtown Buenos Aires after having returned. recently to Argentina.

Despite the strict prevention protocol that the health authorities carry out to isolate people who come from abroad and In order to avoid any possible spread of coronavirus, the subject went to the establishment where his partner was.

According to what could be verified by the security cameras of the place, at around 3pm on Saturday, the suspect entered the lobby of the Hotel Buenos Aires, located in Suipacha at 845, dressed in a light blue and wearing a chinstrap, with the intention of “rescuing” this woman.

The man spoke first with the staff of the establishment, which is managed by the La Bancaria union, and then told a member of the Buenos Aires government mental health team that he was carrying medication for the patient in room 301, whom he never identified. by his name.

According to reports, a doctor took care of reaching these drugs to the defendant’s wife, since No one outside the healthcare team can approach someone who is carrying out the quarantine established for these cases. At that time, the lady said that she wanted to take two suitcases out of her room.

A short time later, the man dressed as a doctor was discovered going down the elevator with both suitcases and, when intercepted by one of the volunteers who helps the hotel with the treatment of isolated people, he defended himself. “I know about these things,” insisted the subject, who denied that he was breaking protocol and for several minutes claimed to be a doctor, until he finally recognized that he was the patient’s husband and that his profession was a dentist.

After the confession, the hotel employees called the police to report the situation, so that soon after, officers from Police Station 1A arrived at the establishment, who decided to accompany the fake doctor to his home, where he will now have to serve quarantine for 14 days, according to Infobae.

At the same time, the Federal Court No. 9, which was in charge of the investigation, revoked the man’s movement permit and notified him of the criminal consequences that it could have if he violated compulsory isolation again.

For her part, the woman remained housed in the hotel in the center of the Federal Capital, as well as more than 2,000 Argentines who were quarantined in different accommodations after returning to the country recently, while another 334 already complied with this measure of prevention and they were able to return to their homes.

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