Coronavirus: point by point, everything you need to know about total quarantine

The Government of Alberto Fernández decreed preventive and compulsory social isolation for all the inhabitants of the country from midnight on Friday Until March 31st.

The presidential decree, released on Thursday night, establishes guidelines, responsibilities and recommendations for the entire society, which details below.

-The holiday is brought forward from April 2 to March 31 and on March 30 it will be a bridge holiday.

-The businesses called “local” like hardware stores or vets will remain open.

-Citizens can only leave their homes to go to pharmacies or to Buy food in the area where they live. They will also be enabled to attend a relative. If you walk on the street, you should do it alone and groups of people will have to be avoided.

-It constitutes Crime against public health violate these restrictions. The sanctions will be those provided by the Penal Code.

-They will be able to operate food industries, its production chain and supplies; personal hygiene and cleanliness; of medical equipment, medicines, vaccines and other sanitary supplies. Also activities related to the production, distribution and commercialization of agriculture and fishing.

Will be telecommunications activities enabled, Fixed and mobile Internet and digital services.

-The electronic ATM system and the transfer of flows will be maintained.

-The street will be controlled by the Armed Forces, the Federal Police and the local police. Will be arranged permanent controls on routes, tracks and public spaces, accesses and other strategic places.

-Verifications and verifications will be made on the reasons why any person or car is transiting.

-Public passenger transport will work only for those who are excepted.

-People will be discouraged from getting into cars and driving on public roads.

-They cannot be done cultural, recreational, sporting, religious, or other events involving the concurrence of people.

-States will be issued for alleviate the situation of monotributistas and the informal sector of the economy.

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