the Central Bank guaranteed all the payment chains

This was highlighted by the economist Arnaldo Bocco who stressed that the means of payment system is working normally

The Central Bank guaranteed “all payment chains” despite the mandatory quarantine ordered by the National Government for the advance of the coronavirus.

As explained by the economist Arnaldo Bocco, director of the BCRA, he indicated that “the MEP that is the Electronic Payment Market is working, for which it paid all the PAMI salaries and paid the providers, also the assets of Anses, as retirees, pensioners and AUH.

“We are working in this context of anticipated block down. A bank circular has already been released and payment chains are guaranteed. The means of payment system is working, payment is guaranteed,” he said.

Bocco indicated that “the system of exports and imports for payments in foreign currency is also active.”

He also stated that as “the checks do not have a camera, they will be credited as of April 1.”

“In the banks there are people in the treasuries and that is why the loading and recharging of ATMs is guaranteed. Banco Nación today opened to receive an important part of pesos. EL Central is encouraging that in addition to ATMs, pharmacies and centers are used hypermarket and service stations are exit points, “Bocco told iProfesional.

In this way, there would be more than 15 thousand mouths for the user to have cash.

In the case of companies, Bocco said that they are “calmer, because there are no checks that are going to come in these days” and remarked that “if any check came in, there is a 24 percent credit line for SMEs, using the Leliqs ”

“We are trying to cover this situation, nobody had planned for this to happen. The way it came was violent. We adapt day by day. We will surely cover one part and then we will do others,” he said.

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