Coronavirus | He is 75 years old, he caught it at Moreno’s 15th party and his family warns that he is getting worse

Gladys Lugo, a 75-year-old woman who became infected with coronavirus at a party attended by a young man who raped the curentena, reported that he had not yet received any treatment. “Social work does not give us answers”, Gonzalo, son of the infected, assured in dialogue with TN.

The woman’s family is desperate: she is an older person and, with the passing of days, the symptoms worsened. Although the municipality followed the case by telephone, Gonzalo believes that They should have assisted her earlier. “I ask for help because my mom needs to be admitted,” she complained.

“Every day is getting worse. Here we have to do something else”, affirmed the woman’s son.

Initially, Lugo was referred to a Moreno hospital, where she underwent studies and was discharged the same day.

His family denounced that the social work did not offer him help because the case had to be dealt with by the municipality. In the last hour the protocol was activated and an ambulance went to look for the woman at his home. Gonzalo asked that this time they leave her hospitalized, since taking her home again would be dangerous.

The woman would have caught the 24-year-old who returned to the country from the United States, did not comply with the mandatory quarantine, and attended a party with 120 other guests in the municipality of Moreno.

After presenting the symptoms compatible with the disease and confirming the positive, the young man was hospitalized in solitary conditions in a health center in the City of Buenos Aires.

“Displacement routes and contacts in the case are being tracked to take the necessary measures of epidemiological blocking, isolation and corresponding assistance if necessary,” municipal authorities explained at the time.

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