“The drop will be 100%”

From the Argentine Federation that brings together companies in the sector they warned that they are going through one of the worst crises in history

Travel and tourism agencies across the country, grouped in the Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Companies (FAEVYT), are going through a very complex moment.

With the general quarantine, borders closed, and the threat of the coronavirus, many agencies are turning to rescheduling already purchased trips.

The problem, moreover, is what comes: the uncertainty about the evolution of the disease in the different destinations, including Argentina, and the images of cruise ships crowded with passengers and unable to dock in any port, discourages the sale of tickets and packages even for next year.

“Travel and tourism agencies across the country are experiencing one of the worst crises in their history, the drop in sales is going to be practically 100% “, they affirmed from FAEVYT.

“We know that we are going to have to work harder than ever to get ahead. However, the priority of the agencies is passengers, that is why we are working with the objective of achieving the best solutions and without a doubt making progress on these two points that we raise it is a priority for airlines “, they added from the entity.

In this context, the Federation is requesting that all airlines allow the traveler, who wants to change the flight date, to modify the validity of their air tickets at the time of reissue so that passengers have a period of one year to make the rescheduled trip, counting the date of validity not from the original date of issue (which in many cases, according to the agencies, could be expired before the end of the quarantine period for Coronavirus) but taking the date as valid of reissue.

Likewise, they confirmed that work is also being done so that the PAIS Tax is applied only on the difference in fare at the time of reissuance and not on the entire ticket as, currently, most airlines are doing. From FAEVYT they highlighted that Aerolíneas Argentinas has already confirmed that it will be handled in both ways, bringing tranquility to passengers.

“This attitude of our flag carrier is highly valued by travel agencies, particularly in a context as complex as the current one. In this way, a concrete solution is brought to two of the major problems that arise, preventing even many trips from being canceled and sent back. With this response from Aerolineas Argentinas, which we hope will be followed by the rest of the airlines, most of the operations already scheduled will remain in force, “they completed from FAEVYT.

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