Alberto Fernández anticipated that he wants to review the functioning of the Supreme Court

President Alberto Fernández assured that he has finished the judicial reform project and announced that he would be in favor of a special commission that can discuss and “Review” the operation and number of members of the Supreme Court. “To review the judicial issue is to see a series of things: the operation of the Supreme Court.There is a whole discussion about whether they have to be more or whether they have to be less. I want to clarify that I think that the number of Court judges should not be increased, but I would like to listen to expert people ”, he claimed.

Fernández also noted that “There was a time in Argentina where the government had a judicial table that pressed or agreed with judges to persecute opponents”. However, he clarified that “that Justice” does not exist today, nor do they apply pressure methods to magistrates.

Along these lines, he revealed that the bill to reform the Justice is already ending and will be presented when the pandemic allows normal functioning of Congress. As he explained, the reform will seek “to end those closed spaces that allowed few people to wield enormous power.” He also raised the possibility of creating an Advisory Council to discuss other substantive issues such as the number of members of the Supreme Court, the preventive and extraordinary resources.

Just like Friday night, when he announced the extension of the quarantine to deal with the coronavirus, Alberto Fernández He again criticized the opposition: “Those who took us into debt now tell us about how we have to manage the economy”, maintained the President.

“Some had functions in the Government. I have known Alfonso Prat Gay for a long time. They destroyed the economic without any virus. Enough with these things. I hate talking about the past, I don’t like talking about inheritance and what happened to me. But the debt problem was what they put together, with a system for dollars to run away with enormous ease. I ask you for caution, ”said Fernández in dialogue with C5N.

And immediately he took care of making differences between the head of the Buenos Aires Government and the rest of the leaders of Together for Change. “I would be ungrateful if I said that Horacio Rodríguez Larreta he had an inappropriate attitude. Because he understood that we have a problem in the city and we have to unite more than ever. There is no type of conditioning. No personal misery appeared. Let us focus our efforts on solving this problem. And we are doing it, We will have time to discuss our differences. “

“I see that there is a ruling class that speaks very lightly. They call me Stalinist because I tell them they have to stay at home, “said the president. And, in that line, he added: “When we work with Horacio and Axel, we are trying to take care of people, because the main focus is the AMBA”.

Fernández insisted again on the idea that there is no dilemma between health and economy. “We have to preserve health and that the economy is damaged as little as possible. We must get out of this false dilemma of economy or health. It hurts me a lot when they say that more people are going to die from the economy than from the pandemic, ”he said.

The President said that expect a 6% drop in GDP, which is less than the drop that other European countries have had. “In France it fell 7.2%, in Spain 8%, in the United Kingdom 7%. It is not that if you do not quarantine the economy prospers, “he explained.

“I would not forgive myself that for some political dogma I could neglect a governor with an opposite political sign. The situation we are going through is too serious, ”said the president during the television interview, while pointing out against the political analysts and journalists who assure that he fell in love with the quarantine. “It is a virus that we do not know how to prevent. We have no vaccine, we have no remedies. We don’t know how long we are going to have it. How can anyone think that I can fall in love with that? “ he asked himself.

During another part of the interview, the head of state targeted former governor María Eugenia Vidal and former president Mauricio Macri. “There was a governor who was campaigning saying that she was not going to open more hospitals. And we had to run to open more hospitals. That happened 6 months ago. It wasn’t that long ago ”he indicated.

“What is happening to us is very crazy. They left us the economic one turned, they left us an atrocious debt and now they come to tell us what to do with the economy, ”he said, to later tell that some time ago he spoke with the former president again and confirmed that he has many differences. “Macri and I think very differently. We have two concepts of politics, society and the state. We are in the antipodes “, he claimed.

In another section of the interview, the President said that there will be new assistance through the Emergency Family Income (IFE) and that at this stage there will be new beneficiaries. “Fernanta Raverta (head of ANSES) worked very hard these days to organize the games. Because in the first version there were people who were left out and who should not have been left out ”, Held.

In this line, he explained the reasons for the complication that exists to deliver the assistance. “Taking out the monotributistas A and B, there is a universe of people who are in the most absolute informality. There are people that we do not have registered in any way. They do not receive plans are not monotributistas. They are in an area where it is very difficult for the State to detect them, “he said.

On the other hand, he made reference to the value of the tariffs and confirmed that they will remain frozen. “In this instance we can do nothing. We have to make the effort to continue working. We all have to make an effort and one of those efforts is to try to stop the inflationary scale, which has a lot of speculation and inconsistency ”, he claimed.

Another of the highlights of the interview was his relationship with Pope Francis, with whom he communicated a few days ago. “I spoke 15 days ago. I speak when I need to speak. Talking to him helps a lot. The world does not have many moral leaders. What’s more, I think he has a single moral leader and he is the Pope ”he assured.

Then, he added: “The Pope speaks with a frankness that I always wanted him to exist in the Church. I am a non-practicing Catholic and have always been very critical. Because he saw a Church far from the people and the poor. That changed with the arrival of Francisco ”.

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