A Cordovan winery launches the first canned sparkling wine in Argentina

From the Calamuchita Valley, the Navarro Torre family from Córdoba is preparing to make a point in the national wine market: in days, its canned sparkling wine will arrive in restaurants, hotels and wineries, a product hitherto unprecedented in the country.

About the second half of 2019, the first wines began to appear in that container in Argentina, but none of them responds to the typology produced by Las Cañitas, the Navarro Torre winery.

“It is a sparkling wine made by the method charmat (with a second fermentation in steel tanks) that is offered in a 350 milliliter can. The National Viticulture Institute confirmed to us that we are the first to launch it ”, assured Juan Navarro Torre, owner of Las Cañitas.

Lazos de Familia is the name of the drink, which will be offered in two varieties: Extra Brut and Brut Rosé (see photo below).

It is a sparkling wine (in Argentina it is called “champagne“Popularly, although the industry cannot use the name because it is a French designation of origin) that the winery launched almost a decade ago in a glass bottle.

The novelty was developed in partnership with Frusso, a San Francisco industry that produces stainless steel tanks and bottling machines.

“We associate with them and together we assemble the entire winery sector equipped to produce the cans. It was a great effort ”; Navarro Torre pointed out.

Can “against” beer

The can burst into the wine market in 2019 and is starring in an upward trend.

With this class of products, the wineries seek to have a greater reach for the young public, multiply the occasions of consumption of the drink, offer more competitive prices and strengthen their presence in certain circuits, such as nightlife.

In short, give beer a strong fight, the great competitor that has been eating up the market for wine.

“For us, it is a more profitable product than bottling, because both packaging and transportation become cheaper with this format,” added Navarro Torre.

Price and circuit

Although he still avoided reporting the sale price, it is assumed that the can will go to market with a value located below 100 pesos.

Las Cañitas is preparing to place it in the network of 600 clients (restaurants, wine shops and hotels) that it has distributed in the country, with a strong focus in Córdoba, Rosario and Santa Fe, as well as in the interior of both provinces.

In addition, it has already agreed to send samples to customers in the United States. “They are going to test it and then make orders and fight the price,” said the owner.

Las Cañitas sold, until now, about three thousand bottles a month of its sparkling wine. To this he plans to add an initial production of six thousand cans per month, and then increase it.

“We already have two thousand, and many confirmed orders from our clients. We are about to label them to start distributing them ”, explained Navarro Torre.

Las Cañitas produces around 18 thousand bottles per month of different lines of malbec, cabernet, sauvignon blanc and rosé wines. Many of them have received important international awards.

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