There is a weather alert for Buenos Aires and hail could fall

The National Weather Service issued a short-term alert for heavy storms, gusts and occasional hail fall for part of Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, the City and the north of the province of Buenos Aires.

The affected areas are Santa Fe (Constitution, General López and Rosario); Between rivers (Gualeguay, Ibicuy and Victoria Islands); Buenos Aires (Arrecifes, Baradero, Campana, Capitán Sarmiento, Carmen de Areco, Chacabuco, Chivilcoy, Colón, Exaltación de la Cruz, General Arenales, Junín, Pergamino, Ramallo, Rojas, San Andrés de Giles, Salto, San Antonio de Areco, San Nicolás , San Pedro, Suipacha and Zárate).

While, the SMN published alerts for this Wednesday due to strong storms in the center, north and southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, south of Córdoba, northeast of La Pampa, south and center of San Luis, south of Santa Fe and the City of Buenos Aires.

He reported that rains and storms of varying intensity continue to develop over these areas. Some of these can be strong and cause abundant waterfall in short periods, strong electrical activity, bursts And till hail.

Alert issued by the National Meteorological Service. (Photo: SMN).

Temporary improvements are not ruled out. The intensity of the phenomena will tend to decrease towards night. The cessation of alert is determined for the center and northwest of La Pampa and for the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires, “said the SMN.

There is also a alert for heavy rains for the southeast of Santa Cruz and the accumulated precipitation values ​​in said period could be between 15 to 20 mm, and may be exceeded.

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