The post-quarantine day: do Argentines want to continue with the “home-office” or not?

What is the first thing they will do when the quarantine is over? He asked, among many things, a survey carried out by Adecco Argentina on a sample of 850 Argentines residing throughout the country.

Most said, in this order: visit family and friends (62 percent), go to the gym and go jogging or walking (18 percent), go out with friends to a bar or dance (9 percent), go to eat (5), to travel (4) to go shopping (1), and to the cinema (1).

The yearning ranking anticipates, at least today, what activities can begin to feel movement as the restrictions can be loosened.

The shared vision is that the crisis unleashed by Covid-19 is a hinge in many ways. And one of them is employment.

According to Adecco’s survey, five out of 10 Argentines would like to return to their home office when everything returns to normal.

In addition, for almost 80 percent of the respondents, there will be a before and after in terms of teleworking.

According to the Argentine workers, these are the things that the employer should provide to be able to do a home office correctly: computer (70 percent), internet (56 percent), ergonomic chair (33), payment of the electricity bill (19 ).

Uncertainty and fear

More than half of Argentines (59 percent) believe that after quarantine it will be more difficult to get a job.

35 percent think it will cost the same as always, and only six think it will be easier.

For seven out of 10 Argentines the “after quarantine” will be hard for most companies: for 45 percent of them some will stop working and for 32 percent they will be in bad shape.

Answering the same question, 21 believe that they will be in a regular state and only two percent consider that they will be fine.

When asked if they believe that the measure taken by the Government to stop a large part of the activities was correct, 72 percent say “yes”.

Another 22 percent consider that it will be seen later if it was really the right decision, while for five percent it was not correct.

The best and worst of the running of the bulls

Giving them the chance to answer several options, 66 percent of those surveyed said that the best thing about quarantine is the ability to stay healthy and for 35 percent having discovered how important little things are.

34 percent value having time to do what they never can because of work / social commitments, 23 percent the opportunity to deepen family ties, and 15 percent do home office.

What is the worst thing about quarantine? For the majority the most difficult thing is not having freedom (57 percent) and for 44 percent it is isolation; 16 find it lonely and four percent consider working from home to be the worst.

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