The photomultas return at the entrances to the city, after the relaxation of the quarantine

The National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) and the Government of the province of Buenos Aires decided to retake control of the maximum speed in the North and West accesses, so the system was reinstalled photomultas, ranging from $ 9,450 to $ 63,000.

The fines had been suspended on March 20, when the mandatory quarantine for the coronavirus was ordered by decree. But now, that the new phase of isolation led to a increase in vehicle circulation, the ANSV, which depends on the Ministry of Transport, and the Buenosairean authorities considered that it was time to reestablish this system.

This Monday, as reported by the Buenos Aires Chief of Cabinet, Felipe Miguel, in the air of TN Central, a 29% increase in income to the City of Buenos Aires. In this sense, the official assured that “the strict controls will continue to corroborate that the people who enter the Buenos Aires center have the corresponding permission, and that all the established norms are complied with.”

Traffic controls will be carried out through mobile radars and it will be verified that the maximum speed limit allowed is respected (130 km / h in Panamericana and West). Also, the 10 fixed cinemometers mounted on the highway bridges will be put into operation and the installation of new equipment is planned.

The ANSV stated that “during the last days of April and the first week of May the number of road accidents began to grow, in parallel with the increase in circulation. “Although compared to the same period last year, there was a decrease of 75%.

“We noticed this rise and we know that speeding is the main road risk factor. We cannot allow the therapy beds that are available to attend the pandemic emergency to deal with the injured due to avoidable road accidents, “said ANSV executive director Pablo Martínez Carignano.

The fine for speeding ranges from 150 to 1000 UF (fixed unit), which is currently at $ 63.09.

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