The Government will sanction Latam for not complying with the delivery of the sworn statements by the coronavirus

The Government anticipated that it will sanction the airline Latam Argentina for not complying with the delivery of the affidavits of the passengers who arrive in Argentina on their arrivals at the country’s international airports.. According to official sources, as a consequence of the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Health agreed with the airlines on the delivery of the forms and Latam failed to comply with the measure.

From the airline they explained that they have not yet received any communication about a possible sanction. There is unrest in the commercial sector because they consider that the task of delivering and processing the forms was transferred to the airline crew and that it is an extra responsibility for the employees.. And they are concerned that the sanctions could also fall on their staff. The protocol contemplates that the employee must deliver the forms to an official of the Ministry of Health.

A debate was also generated with the authorities because the measure generates delay and concentration of passengers, which is what is to be avoided. For this reason, from the Government they indicated that they are working with the Airport Security Police (PSA), the National Civil Aviation Administration (Anac) and the airport concessionaires to avoid having a large concentration of passengers in common places.

Since the end of February, the Government requires tourists to complete an affidavit in which they describe whether during the flight or the previous days they had fever, cough or respiratory difficulties. Furthermore, airlines are obliged to report suspicious cases to the Airport Security Police.

As part of the protocol established by the Border Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health regarding the circulation of coronaviruses, Migrations also adopted double glass in the processing booths and ordered the mandatory use of gel alcohol.

The airline Latam Argentina reported this week that it temporarily suspended flights between Buenos Aires and Miami, after the inclusion of the United States as a country of risk in Argentina. The suspension, as indicated by the company in a statement, will be effective until Monday, March 16 inclusive.

The company will enable date changes for seven days before the scheduled date or for 15 days afterwards, subject to cabin availability, without a fine or eventually a change of route subject to a rate difference, also without a fine. With respect to passengers who are in Miami with a scheduled return ticket to Buenos Aires, the airline is committed to guaranteeing their return to the country through the LATAM network. Still, the company warned of the possibility of further cancellations.

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