Professionals ask to postpone taxes and social charges due to the fall in activity

Professionals are concerned about the breakdown of the payment chain and the expiration of rents, services and social charges, as a result of the health emergency that the national government ordered to curb the coronavirus. Therefore, they demand measures to alleviate these and other obligations.

So far, the national and provincial governments have focused on containing the most vulnerable sectors of the economy, such as informal workers and lower-tier monotributistas.

Although the leaders consulted agreed with the sanitary measures adopted by the national government and recommended respecting the mandatory isolation, they began to show concern about the expiration before the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (Afip).

“From the Argentine Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences (Facpce) we ask for extensions for the maturities of Afip. Also other types of relief for social charges and for those who have employees. And we request the exceptional possibility that our professionals can go to their studies to look for their computers to fulfill their obligations, “said José Simonella, president of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences (CPCE).

For the economist, professionals are among the sectors that will have the worst time in the crisis to come.

“This situation of falling demand is going to continue for a few more months. When the isolation is over, activity will not recover its rhythm in the short term,” he added.

Until now, the extraordinary figure decreed by the national government of 10 thousand pesos only reaches categories A and B of the single-tax, which have a billing cap of 26,092 pesos and not all professionals.

According to a latest study carried out by the observatory of the Federation of University Professionals of Córdoba (Fepuc), approximately 50 percent of professionals work independently in the province. The average income is located at 40,334 pesos. However, 70 percent of those enrolled earn below that average, the report notes.

Gender gap

The gender gap is also evident among independent professionals. While the average hour for a professional man costs 228 pesos for a woman, 179 pesos. In addition, women represent 50 percent of household income.

“We sent a note to the Afip so that it has certain considerations with the payment of the monotax. We are waiting for some more measures than those already announced. The most complex situation is suffered by those who have one-person work or do it in small studies, which have the possibility of work has been drastically reduced. We emphasize the alimentary nature of the fees, “said Nora Vilches, president of the Fepuc.

With technology and online consultations, some professionals generated an income alternative to quarantine, although it does not match the usual income level. But others, who depend on public services, such as Justice, saw their activity almost completely closed.

“Without a doubt the payment chain is broken. The lack of circulation of people also means that there are no consultations. We are proposing to the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) the immediate implementation of virtual hearings beyond the criminal process, where they are already used, “said Ignacio Segura, president of the Córdoba Bar Association.

In this framework, the lawyer added the total stop of the judicial activity. “At the national level we have made a presentation with the Argentine Federation of Bar Associations (Faca) and here we ask the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) to expedite the release of orders for the payment of professional fees,” Segura said.

For other sectors, quarantine has an impact on their entire industry, such as construction.

“The biggest concern has to do with the work not only of the architects, but of the entire industry. We have a percentage of independent workers and in construction there are many of informal characteristics,” said Diego Peralta president of Regional 1 of the College of Architects of the Province of Córdoba Capital, who said that they are analyzing measures for their professionals.

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