International Women’s Day: marches at the Congress and Plaza de Mayo

Thousands of women mobilize on Monday in different parts of Argentina, in commemoration of International Women’s Day, to demonstrate against femicides, abuses and inequalities in the workplace that suffer daily.

The most urgent claim of organizations is the huge number of femicides registered in the country, which are already around 70 in less than two and a half months of 2020.

From the early afternoon the concentrations began (Photo: Télam)

In the City of Buenos Aires the call was at 17 in Plaza de Mayo, to march to the National Congress, where a statement will be read. From the early hours of the afternoon, women of all ages, dressed mostly in violet -color that identifies feminism- and many of them with the green scarf in favor of the legalization of abortion, congregate on Avenida de Mayo.

Unpaid domestic work, the implementation of Comprehensive Sex Education and the legalization of abortion they complete the orders that hundreds of thousands of women will make hear this Monday.

The end of femicides is the main claim of the march (Photo: Télam)
The end of femicides is the main claim of the march (Photo: Télam)

Organizations such as Bread and Roses, Las Rojas and Juntas and on the Left carry a large flag that says “Legal abortion safe and free. No conscientious objection, “as opposed to the official project announced by the President.

They owe us rights, this march is for them to listen to us. We are organized and we have to make it as strong as possible. We can’t decide on our bodies, “he told Télam Barbara, a protester who arrived with her group of friends. “There is a lot of violence they exert on us. We need a change.”

From the early afternoon the concentrations began (Photo: Télam)
From the early afternoon the concentrations began (Photo: Télam)

The colective Actresses Argentinas also joined the mobilization. “We stop to say enough to hate crimes and all kinds of misogynist, transodiant and lesboodiant violence. We stop because the safe and free legal abortion is a need for public health and social justice, and we cannot keep waiting,” they said in a statement .

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