I stay at home: a special message that came from Antarctica

Since in TN and The People we launched the call #I stay at home, where they tell us how these days of quarantine pass, many were the posts that arrived. But this Thursday a very special one was present.

Neighbors from all over the country sent us photos and videos of dances, family cooking, games, music, making dolls, flags to hang on the windows, happy birthday from balcony to balcony, tenors and sopranos serenading. These are just some of the examples. But this Thursday morning they wrote us from the Antarctica.

And not only that, they recorded a video asking people to be responsible and stay at home.

“I am the frigate captain Andrés Lucas Seidel, Chief of Orkney Joint Antarctic Base. This place will be my home and that of all my staff for the next 365 days“he says at the beginning of the video.

Then a woman joins in and tells how difficult it is to get through so long away from their families, and while it requires a lot Sacrifice his work, above all, implies vocation.

To finish, Seidel sends a message to all Argentines. “So if we can, you can too. So we ask you from this cold continent to stay in your houses complying with mandatory preventive isolation. Because caring for yourself is caring for us

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