FEINMANN was very hard when referring to the CORONAVIRUS in the CONURBANO: what did he say

The journalist distrusted the optimism shown by some political leaders regarding the flattening of the contagion curve of the covid-19

Journalist Eduardo Feinmann was very critical of the government in referring to how the spread of the coronavirus in the country is being treated.

In his program on Radio Rivadavia, he said: “I am afraid of the issue of measurement (of coronavirus cases) in Argentina, I am afraid of it. I tell you honestly, this weekend I was scared, because many are happy that the curve is shrinking; Of course, the problem is that not everything that needs to be measured is measured. “

Then, he made a comparison with a tough moment in the country such as the Falklands War: “You know what? It reminded me of a cover of Gente magazine that said ‘we are winning’ in the Falklands. This weekend I thought about that when I listened to some government figures and some communicators, it gave me that feeling, ‘we are winning’ “.

“The correct measurements aren’t there yet,” he added.

At this moment, Dr. Claudio Zin, who is with him on the program, interrupted him and explained: “The intention is to say, if we do things right, we are going down the curve; now, the opposite effect can occur.”

But the journalist continued with the criticism: “The images that we have seen in the last days of the Buenos Aires suburbs”, referring to the queues for the payment of social allowances, and concluded: “That turns into a bacteriological bomb. Honestly a scandal

The lack of respect for quarantine in the Buenos Aires suburbs

Testimonies on social networks and television media have testified to the laxity with which many citizens take the “obligatory social isolation” decreed by the national government. And this Friday they appeared on social networks a large number of videos that clearly show crowds and lack of controls in the most populous district: The slaughter.

The video that goes viral the most during these hours is one that shows a crowd standing in a long line to access the Banco Nación in the town of González Catán. You can see it here:

Another video, also by González Catán, reveals another perspective of the “normality” that is lived in that territory of La Matanza.

But the lack of compliance with the quarantine does not occur only in the most remote localities of the immense Buenos Aires district. In the same head of the party, San Justo, a few meters from the municipality commanded by Fernando Espinoza, similar scenes can be seen, as the following video shows:

The clips that depict similar situations multiply and show other places in La Matanza, such as the following episode in Isidro Casanova:

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