Evoltis created Crisalis, a platform to drive innovation

In the pre-Covid-19 world, one certainty was steadily advancing: whoever wanted to stay current and survive in business had to open up to innovation. Today, in an economy shaken by the pandemic, and with companies forced to reinvent themselves in an accelerated manner, that became even more central.

Within this framework, Innovis, the “arm” of the Evoltis Group dedicated to promoting innovation processes, launched Crisalis, a technological platform (architecture of software as a service or SaaS), designed as an integral tool to democratize and promote the culture of innovation within companies and turn it into a sustainable process over time.

“There is no similar thing in the Argentine market. And as far as we know, at a global level there are no alternatives that, like Crisalis, offer an end-to-end solution, from the postulation of ideas with the involvement of all staff to its implementation as a project and measurement of indicators, “said Marcelo Bechara, CEO of Grupo Evoltis.

The executive revealed that Evoltis did not stop its processes in the context of the crisis. “All the companies in the group are active and, to date, 96 percent of employees are telecommuting,” he said. The company enrolls more than 1,500 people.

As he explained, the tool was developed from Evoltis Lab, based on the experience of having deployed its own methodology to promote innovation in companies of very different industries since 2016.

The platform replicates this methodology and can be used by any kind of company with a single condition: it is recommended that the organization have at least 10 to 15 collaborators, since Crisalis assigns roles and proposes idea validation committees, among other collaborative practices. .

Being a modular tool, users can select the applications to use within the platform according to their needs. It also connects with collaborative and interactive platforms to promote learning and the construction of knowledge, skills and competences.

Sustain change

For Evoltis, development allows adding value and effectiveness to the innovation consulting work already carried out by Innovis (Crisalis is subsidized to those clients) and allows the recruitment of new companies.

“We cannot give a product price because, before quoting, we are going to survey each case, to detect the stage of maturity that the applicant has in relation to innovation. The goal is not to sell technology, but to get a methodology adopted. The tool is modular and will have a licensing per user in each client ”, explained Bechara.

The platform allows to identify challenges and aspirations of the organization; measure and diagnose the current state of innovative potential; design programs and action plans; structure the innovation committee; and promote the ideation and agile management of projects.

“It is differential because it generates a culture of innovation, unites management with its strategic guidelines and the collaborator with its idea. It allows identifying intrapreneurs in an organization, “said Bechara.

With these characteristics, he insisted, it becomes a support to face some of the main obstacles detected when innovating: lack of time, fear of change and obstacles to involving the entire organization.

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