Coronavirus in Argentina | The new “uncle’s tale”: they warn about false vaccination campaigns in the Province of Buenos Aires

As a result of a false note that began to circulate in chats and social networks about a vaccination campaign related to the coronavirus, the government of the Buenos Aires province issued a statement to deny it and warn to the neighbours.

Despite the situation of extreme care generated by the expansion of covid -19 in the country, it is not surprising that some criminal tries to take advantage of the vulnerable situation in which the population finds itself.

The country has already closed the borders to help contain the outbreak. (Photo: EFE).

In recent days, a note addressed to “neighbors” about alleged doctors or nurses who go through homes with the excuse of doing “tests” and “disinfection” and to apply vaccines, but with the real intention of Steal.

“In relation to alleged vaccination campaigns that are circulating erroneously, the government of the province of Buenos Aires clarifies that there is currently no vaccine against the coronavirus and therefore no home visits to prevent the population, “said the provincial executive on Sunday through a statement that he also replied on social networks.

As it turned out, this new “uncle’s tale” originated in Madrid Spain, and then it was replicated in several countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and now in Argentina.

Currently, the province of Buenos Aires has 11 confirmed cases of coronavirus. All are hospitalized and undergoing treatment. In addition, they await the results of 136 cases that are being analyzed. Throughout the country there are confirmed so far at least 56 cases.

Written by Argentina News

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