Coronavirus in Argentina: the Italian Hospital confirmed that 19 employees tested positive

The Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires confirmed 19 employees gave coronavirus positive. Of these, “three remain hospitalized with satisfactory evolution and 16 are monitored at home and follow the isolation defined in the current protocols.”

Through a statement, the institution gave details of the epidemiological analysis of these cases. “One had a travel historytwo had attended directly to patients with confirmed diseasewhile the 16 remaining were by other motives“they described.

Official hospital sources explained that, taking into account the high risk of contagion that health personnel have, in March they decided to be part of an investigation promoted by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires “to identify potential Covid infection in workers with few or no symptoms. “

“We found that seven people without direct patient assistance activity and without complying with the clinical case definition tested positive for coronavirus“the authorities explained in relation to this study.

Of these first confirmed cases, one had a history of travel to “a country that at that time was not considered a risk country”, while the rest of the cases “were minor”.

“Knowing the situation allowed us early isolate colleagues and temporarily close the sector where these first cases originated, “they noted.

In addition, in the face of the pandemic, the authorities of the institution reported that they launched a training plan which reached more than 7,500 collaborators, which focused on the prevention and the correct use of personal protection elements.

The hospital also claimed that expanded the number of tests internal to staff “with more flexible definitions than those recommended by the health authority”.

In order to protect doctors, the compulsory use of surgical chinstraps for all workers within the hospital setting.

“We made available to collaborators all the necessary elements for personal protection, delivering them in an orderly manner in each sector according to the risk it presents and we do not present the missing date of supplies, “they assured in the statement.

Regarding the confirmed coronavirus cases of patients who are admitted to the different locations of the Italian Hospital, the authorities said that established “separate circuits for patients with and without suspicion Covid-19 “.

In turn, the Directorate issues a report daily that it sends by email to all the collaborators of the institution, which details the evolution of the pandemic and the measures adopted by the Crisis Committee of the institution.

Faced with the decree of social, preventive and compulsory isolation, hospital personnel who can work from home were authorized to do so and in cases where presence was essential for the care of patients, “the reduction of the establishments to reduce the exposure of employees to the minimum possible. “In this way, many sectors today work with rotating plants.

“We reaffirm that we safely operate a health network that has more than 10,000 people working and that provides essential services during the pandemic,” the institution reported.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)

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