Buenos Aires policy also abandons the quarantine mode: Vidal reappeared at a meeting in Lanús

The former Buenos Aires governor, Maria Eugenia Vidal reappeared this Thursday at a meeting of the Lanús emergency committee that was called by the local mayor, Nestor Grindetti. As reported by the Municipality, during the meeting they analyzed the situation that not only that district but the entire province is going through in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

His last appearance had been in a videoconference with the mayor of General Pueyrredón, Guillermo Montenegro. Earlier, on March 27, he had broadcast a video on social networks in which he asked to support the President, the governors and the mayors in the midst of the health crisis.

This Thursday’s disembarkation of the former governor in Lanús occurs in a different context, where politics seems to have left behind the “quarantine mode” and was reactivated along with heated debates on various topics that gained momentum after criticism by Alberto Fernández to the opposition held at a press conference where the extension of the confinement was announced.

Maria Eugenia gave us a broad view of the situation at a general level and from the social point of view, which is her main field of work in order to take ideas and proposals to be implemented by our technical teams, we highly value her contributions, it is a source of permanent consultationGrindetti expressed after the meeting.

Grindetti and Vidal had already met alone last week. The mayor asked him to contribute his social gaze to the municipality of Lanús. They agreed on agendas and put together the meeting that took place this Thursday. “The idea is that from now on she will periodically monitor the Lanús crisis committee, contributing above all her experience in Social Development”Friends close to the community leader explained.

During the meeting, the actions carried out by the municipality, the numbers of positive cases and deaths, and some details of how various community containment centers in clubs and other spaces that were especially suitable for an eventual peak of the disease were reviewed. .

In addition to Grindetti and Vidal, the 1st vice-president of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies and supervisor of the local emergency committee, Adrian Urreli, the provincial senator, Lorena Petrovich and the executive secretaries, Noelia Quindimil (Social Development), were at the meeting. Gustavo Sieli (Health) and Damian Sala (Education).

One of those present assured Infobae than Vidal was very informed about the measures adopted by the Intendancy and by the provincial government before the advance of Covid-19. The former governor also supported the joint work that the mayors of Together for Change carry out with the administration of Axel Kicillof and even with President Alberto Fernández. With that look, He distanced himself from the hard wing of the PRO, which does not see favorably the attitude shown by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Gerardo Morales and other leaders who in recent weeks have shown themselves working together with the National Executive Power.

At a second level of trust, his former ministers come into play Federico Salvai and Cristian Ritondo. Close leaders during his four years of mandate and proper names that are within the dialogical wing of the opposition. A sector that is on the opposite path to that occupied by Patricia Bullrich and Miguel Pichetto today, who systematically confront the ruling party and are very close to former President Mauricio Macri.

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