You no longer know what to cook in quarantine? Argentine chefs help you

BUENOS AIRES, Mar 22 (Reuters) – Cooking during quarantine may require some creativity as less food remains in the refrigerator. A group of Argentine chefs set out to help prepare delicious dishes with what’s at home without having to go to the market.

“We help you cook with what you have in your fridge, at home. We already know that you do not have to go out. That is why we are going to give you a hand to take advantage of everything you have and you do not know how to use it,” says the initiative. #teayudo, #teayudamos, which started on Saturday and will continue during the quarantine.

The proposal consists of connecting with the Instagram, Twitter or Facebook of each cook from 17:00 to 19:00 Argentine time (2000 to 2200 GMT) to make inquiries.

“I have 20 cans of peas! I want rich ideas !!!” said @mica_mdq in the account of the renowned cook Narda Lepes and, minutes later, she had 14 responses with food options to prepare, from hamburgers to tortillas and scrambled eggs.

The varied list of questions ranges from how to replace baking powder and vanilla essence to what to do with two aubergines, a broccoli and garlic.

The chefs’ proposal joins other artists, writers, museums and musicians who seek to accompany the quarantined population and encourage them to stay at home.

The Argentine government ordered preventive and mandatory social isolation for 12 days throughout the country on Thursday. The World Health Organization has so far reported 225 cases of infection and four deaths.

(Report by Lucila Sigal, Edited by Juana Casas)

Written by Argentina News

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