#YoMeQuedoEnCasa: virtual workshops for older adults

One of the expert recommendations for solitary confinement days it is to take advantage of the time to learn something new, and thus feel that the “lock-in” time has been productive.

Thanks to the Internet, there are hundreds of virtual course, workshop and training options for all ages, and particularly for older adults.

The writer Santiago Craig, who usually dictates reading and writing workshops, launched a special (and virtual) call for over 60s. Following his initiative, other Argentine writers joined, such as Natalia Zito, Tomás Rosner, María Eleonora Rubio, Paula Rossi and Mariana Casale.

“I chose the Google Hangouts platform because it is very intuitive: the link is shared and people upload and go. I found it the easiest for people who may not be used to this type of tool, “Craig told

The idea received more than 60 interestedAnd the workshop is also completely free. The first meeting was on Wednesday, March 18.

“The experience was good, each one read their texts and we discussed them among all, I gave them some returns and also slogans to write for the week. They had no inhibitions regarding commenting on each other, ”he added. “During that time we dedicate ourselves to that, as in a kind of bubble. You read, you comment, you are in it ”.

Active neurons

On the other hand, the Fundación León, from Tucumán, launched a virtual workshop of “neuro-gym”, or cognitive stimulation dedicated especially to those over 55 years of age.

Access is free, through a YouTube link, and exercises such as write short texts without using the letter “a” and other neurological challenges to exercise the brain.

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