#YoMeQuedoEnCasa: pastry, relax and “I see, I see” between neighbors

The coronavirus forced the Argentines to reinvent the routine and adapt the habits to fulfill a single slogan: stay at home. These days everyone manages to navigate the isolation as best as possible and entertain the youngest of the family who do not have classes.

Since TN and The People We invite you to tell us how you are going through isolation. Join the call and tell us what you are doing. The idea is to share it on the screen of TN for others to be inspired by games and ideas they can make with their children. Enter here and upload your photos and videos.

Alma and her brother Amir, from Zona Oeste, used the time to familiarize themselves with the kitchen and prepare a delicious cake. They sweetened the afternoon at home!

TN and The People

Ámbar, from Saladillo, also went to the kitchen with Mom. Who will have delighted with the cake?

Aytana is 8 years old and from Posadas, in Misiones, he set to work and made chinstraps for their dolls. A gesture of tenderness in the midst of the pandemic.

Some residents of Villa Urquiza had fun playing “I see I see”, all together, but without leaving home!

They say that music heals. They know it and that’s why, to spend the afternoon, some enjoyed a exclusive family accordion show.

Daniela works at the Avellaneda hospital and took advantage of her rest day to be with the family. Applause to her!

TN and The People.
TN and The People.

She spent her birthday on her home, physically alone, but well accompanied at a distance. There was no lack of cake and the moment to blow out the candles. “There are no excuses for not complying with the quarantine”, assured.

TN and The People.
TN and The People.

Maite is three years old and, in these days of isolation, she learned to write her first words, with a very large request for all of society: Stay at home!

TN and The People.
TN and The People.

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